Stellenbosch Football Club

Uplifting the Community

SFC not only strives to be a team the community can proudly support - but also aims to uplift the community through various skills and capacity building initiatives.

In South Africa, football enjoys unrivalled support and popularity and therefore is a powerful medium to uplift communities and provide hope and inspiration. This is true in the Cape Winelands as well and Stellenbosch Football Club is well positioned to make a positive difference in this regard.

Through the Club Vision: “To build a sustainable football pathway and brand for the Cape Winelands region and be a catalyst for social upliftment”, SFC intends to be a powerful facilitator for social change and to provide inspiration for young footballers in our area.

Using a much-loved pastime to create true inspiration and hope throughout the community.

Community Programmes

Using football, futsal and many other forms of sport, SAS and SFC strive to make a difference throughout the communities of Stellenbosch. We aim to make people from all different communities and the ten "dorpies" of Stellenbosch more aware of the benefits and possibilities of having an active lifestyle. We have programmes across the ten "dorpies" of Stellenbosch that builds community leaders.


SAS has been successfully implementing and managing numerous CSI projects across the Stellenbosch “dorpies.”
  • SFC embraces the diversity of the greater  Cape Winelands community and will build deep, meaningful community relations
  • We will use SFC and the players to further impact the community to not only create excellent footballers and coaches, but also role-models and community leaders
  • Our community programmes will impact citizens across age groups, cultures and genders
  • The 10 “Dorpies” in Stellenbosch is our initial focus, although we will build towards the wider Cape Winelands region

Stellenbosch "Dorpies"